On the Path called “Life”

Introduction and Inspiration

Jack of all and master of few!” that is me, Meenal, A budding Blogger. I love Cooking, and treating my friends, family and loved ones with innovative delicacies. Besides, cooking my hobbies include crafting, especially quilling, gardening, singing/humming Hindi songs (confined to myself), writing poems and shaiyari, visiting and exploring new places, meeting new people but also having some me time. I was brought up in a small town of Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, where I completed my schooling and Graduation. With a curious mind and and excited heart I came to Pune, Maharashtra for my higher studies. Like a breath of fresh air, Pune gave me opportunity to make new friends and learn some very important lessons in life, which I would have never known staying at home with family. After my Masters in Media, I was very eager to enter the “City of Dreams”, Mumbai. I was very fascinated by the city, but soon I realized that life is not going to be easy here. However, the drive to make a mark, have a career and to sustain in the city was impeccable, and in spite of zig-zag professional graph I enjoyed this Metro city to the core! I met my husband for the first time and we commenced our married life here. Freedom breathes in the air of Mumbai like no other city! My husband Paresh and I were totally in love with this city. However, we had to bid Farewell to this wonderful city as Pune was calling us.

I was a mother to the 9 months old baby, Aarav, when we came Pune. I was still missing Mumbai and the fast paced independent, professional life it gave me. It took quite some time for me to start liking Pune. Although Aarav and his parenting was my door to happiness, but that was not enough for me. I was use to working for more than 12 hours a day and suddenly, there was a void, I was unable to fill. At that stage, tiny hands knocked the doors of my heart and I realised, I was pregnant again. The second pregnancy was no less than a roller coaster ride. my miraculous baby came in this world and smiled at everyone who looked tensed. Eventually, I felt life was smiling again with my younger son.

“Your birth gave new birth to me,

Your first sight brought new life to me,

Your innocent first smile brought blissful tears to me….

Your first cry gave a happiness which was more than nirvana to me”

Giving meaning to life through Art!

I was very fortunate that at every point of life, I got some very dear friends, (who are no less than lifelines) and I bagged job which gave satisfaction but not monetary. However, I placed job satisfaction above all. I was a part time lecturer in the department, where I was a student once. Meeting and interacting with youngsters was always enriching. Everything started falling in place. Pune gave me time to explore and develop my hobbies, my art and my talent. It gave me time to explore myself all over again. I developed a terrace garden and became deeply attached to all my plants. I realised that gardening is much more than hobby for me. I love wearing different accessories and especially if it’s customized and matching to my outfit. So I came across quilling jewellery. Unlike silk thread it was less common, more flexible, versatile and very light weight. Initially, I started making it for personal use but slowly I got so involved that jewellery making became my passion and I couldn’t refrain myself from it. Slowly people started knowing about my art and gave me customized order as per their requirements. Finishing and innovation in design were my strengths which brought my clients back to me I also became interested in working on my skills of creative writing, to organize small events and to compere those events. Moreover, trying new recipes for my guest became my passion. I received accolades, loads of love and most importantly I gained internal joy, which was unmatched! Pune gave me opportunity to showcase my talent. I had set up food stalls and earrings stalls in nearby flea market. It gave both recognition and publicity to my skills. The success of these stall gave me confidence that I’m doing a good job! I loved the social life of Pune. Where unplanned social gatherings are always welcomed!! Where Beautiful rains make this city into no less than a hill station!! Pune became my home, My comfort zone, I started seeing my entire life here. And then guess what? Off I flew to this international metro city – Munich! I was very worried with this turn of life. but then life is about moving on. With anxiousness and excitement of exploring a new city and sorrow of leaving everything behind, my career, my lifeline friends, my extended family, Munich here I come!

The Journey Within

Flight to Munich was not just an eight hour travel, it was a journey within. A journey from my home land, to an absolutely unknown city, unknown country and most importantly unknown language. I left Pune with a heavy heart, but in the hope to explore not just a new country and also to discover myself all over again. Please join me in my journey of knowing myself and the world around me, because there will be something you might relate to me and something that you would be happy to see through my eyes. I would love to narrate my story as how did I start liking the new city. How does a small town Indian girl perceives this foreign land??! I would share some simple yet innovative recipes that will make you drool over it. I would also share my experience with quilling, the art of jewellery making and Joy of Gardening. Hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

6 thoughts on “On the Path called “Life”

  1. ..manzile milegee..raah bhatakkar hi sahi..
    ..gumraah toh woh hain..
    ..jo gharse nikle hi nahee..!!!
    …aapke iss likhaee ke raaste ko manzil mile..
    …humara bhi safar Khushnuma hoga…


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