My Baba ❤️

The Father holds a special place in our heart. For everyone, their father’s are the best! Daughters have a special affinity for their fathers. I’m no exception, for me, My Dad is my Hero!

My relation with Dad started much before my existence came. My Nana was a great astrologer, whatever he said had to be true. When my parents were trying conception, Dad had asked him, “Please tell me, whether this time, would I be the father of a baby girl?” I have an elder brother, and my dad was really keen on having a girl child. But my Nana said there are less chances of having a girl child this time too. My Dad was little upset hearing this, so my Nana advised him, “Pray to your Lord for a daughter, maybe he’ll grant your wish”. My Dad not just prayed for a girl child, but he also decided that he wouldn’t shave his beard and mustache ever if he is blessed with a girl child. And here I am, because my Dad wanted a daughter.

If I look back now, I feel my Dad was so ahead of his times, he never discriminated between my brother and me. From a tender age, I participated in all decisions of my family and things related to me. Pursuing higher studies in a new city and working in a metro city were tough decisions where my Dad always supported, against the wishes of many near and dear ones.

My Dad wasn’t just father for me, he was a friend, philosopher and my guide. We shared the sweetest relation on Earth, where I had the liberty to fight with him, nag him, argue with him, and even scold him just like a friend. I don’t know, did he give me that liberty or did I take it, but I believe we both treasured it. He was my best friend in true respect. Not just me, my friends, my brother’s friends use to see a friend in him. His friendly and jovial nature made him the most approachable “Uncle” amongst them. He was an encyclopedia in himself and would love to talk and share whatever knowledge he had without any inhibitions. Whether it is spiritual, political, sports, world history or mythology, he knew everything and imparted his stories so skilfully that within no time anyone and everyone would be glued to it. Usually it’s the mother who narrates stories to a child but I was the one who was fond of my Dad’s story telling. But trust me it wasn’t just a one sided story telling, as an inquisitive child I was always ready with cross questioning and at every point, I raised doubts where I wasn’t convinced, not just in stories but anything he told me I never followed it blankly. He answered most of my questions without labeling me as defiant.

There was another very special quality of my Dad. He expressed his love to his loved ones generously. When I was with my Dad, I felt I’m the most important person in his life. When I saw him with my Mom, the happiness on her face said the same thing. In every small way his gestures conveyed his love. Even after 30 years of marriage, Dad never failed to give surprises to my mom and I was one of the luckiest daughter who received surprises and love in abundance. I learnt from him, that even if your loved person knows that you love him/her still you should express it. The result is absolutely stunning, so I realized expression is as important as love itself!

I was studying in 12th standard, and as usual, I went to my tuition class in the evening just when my class was about to finish, I heard a scooter sound outside. When I peeped outside, to my astonishment, I saw my Dad with a brand new scooter. Taking permission from my teacher I ran to my Dad and hugged him. Everybody was delighted to see us and I was on cloud nine!

It wasn’t just love that he expressed, but he also showed faith in me. There were times I lacked faith in myself, but he had. He encouraged me in every way possible just as a guiding light! But at the same time he never pressurized me for any decision that he might not be convinced. I chose my field of study and my area work. He always advised me, “I can tell you the pros and cons as per my perception, but the decision is yours. Because you are the best judge for yourself. Take your decisions and be accountable for your failures.”

Unlike most fathers of my generation, I was never afraid of him, not just in adolescence but since childhood. I could talk to him about anything under sky without any fear of being misinterpreted. In fact, I was more comfortable with my liberal Dad than my strict Mom. My heart driven Dad always showed pride in his relations and people. Young and soft-hearted Dad was always positive and acclaimed even small achievements of his children with great pride. Whoever saw us together was sure to smile. The right to rule him, brought appeasement on his face and contentment to me. What he gifted me is priceless, my self-respect, self belief, wisdom to be self-reliant, be fearless, be expressive, spread love and joy, treating others with equality and respect and to treasure people and relationships.

The relation with my Dad completed the circle when my Dad sacrificed rice for almost two years till the time when I was blessed with a baby boy. My parents took responsibility of my maternity care and after many years I stayed with my Baba for almost 4 months. Who knew that it was my last stay with him. Who knew that the pampering and feeling loved by him would end so abruptly!

A girl child can change the atmosphere of the house, and with a soul like my Dad, she glows like a star and add sparkle to her Dad’s eyes. It’s 7 long years I lived without him now! But I don’t miss him much. He’s with me, if not physically, spiritually he’s always with me. He’s my Hero! He’s my guiding Star 🌟 always illuminating my sky!

I can write endlessly, but I have to end somewhere, so I am ending with a poem I wrote when I was a teenager, although its little kiddish, but I want to share it here.

You are my life, you are my ideal

Our Relationship is God’s perfect deal

You are the perfect Dad, because there are no “ifs” and “buts” attached

And I am the Luckiest Daughter, for whom nothing in the world matters…


Truly and deeply, I love nobody….


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