The Language called Love!

Motherhood, a beautiful feeling that a woman is blessed with. It is said that motherly feeling is the most compassionate, caring, comforting and protective. As women, we are blessed, with a womb, the ability to give birth, and the ability to nurture. It is this divine happiness that makes a woman smile even after bearing long hours of unbearable pain. The incredible love that she experiences even before she can see her child is amazing.

This motherly feeling, the special love for her child, however is not restricted just to mothers, even fathers have full right on this feeling. We also call this as parental love. And, Why just parents? Grandparents too are filled with this feeling of love and benevolence for their children and grandchildren. I believe, this is the purest form of love, the most unadulterated and wholehearted. When I was blessed with a baby, I realised, that love in no other form is so divine and unconditional.

On a bright day of summer, along with Paresh and kids, I went for sightseeing in a nearby city of Austria. On our way back in the city train, Aarya and I shared our seats with an elderly couple. They were facing each other and sat on the window seat. Correspondingly, Aarya and I were too facing each other. The lady who was sitting besides Aarya, asked me in English, “Would you like to sit beside him?” I was happily surprised to hear English in the region of Austria and Germany, but at the same time, I was apprehensive about my response. She was kind enough to sense it and gave her window seat to Aarya and I sat beside him. As I love interacting with new people I kicked off the conversation. Out of my curiosity, I asked them where do they belong from, and they told that they came from the US for sightseeing Europe. They too asked me the same question, and I told them that I am an Indian who recently shifted to Munich. Though as Indian its not a great surprise for us to settle in other countries, but that may not be the case with them. She was awestruck that I am willing to settle in a nation whose language is neither familiar to me nor to my children. I had given up on my comfort, career, friends and family and moved with my husband to country which was alien for me. After a while, I asked them, about their Europe Tour and their favorite place. They told me that they were on a 45 days tour and this was their last day in Europe. Talking about their favorite place, both of them amicably said Paris. The Gentleman ardently asked me, “Did you visit Paris anytime?” I refused. Explaining further he said, “our granddaughter is studying there, and she took us for sightseeing. In the evening, we went on a cruise ride on the river and saw the sparkling Eiffel Tower pass by, then we relaxed on the greens nearby amidst the beautiful lighting tower in our vicinity. ” The gentleman got immensely engrossed in his narration. He searched and showed me pictures of that day, I felt, as if in few minutes he relived that evening in Paris with me. No doubt, Paris is a beautiful city but what made it splendid for that couple was seeing the city from the eyes of their young granddaughter. There was a beautiful smile and a sparkle in their eyes talking about their experience in Paris. Isn’t this a motherly feeling? It ascertained me that, this is a global feeling, which every mother feels for her child and every father cares for his little one. It instantly took me to India where I could see the Grandparents of my children.

I remembered my mother in law having same pride, same sparkle in her eyes whenever she spoke about her grandchildren. She always narrated the “stories of endeavors” of Aarya with pride and zeal. You might be thinking what must be these stories like? They were the stunts he performed without fearing about any injury. Although she was concerned about him at that point of time, but when the moment passed she laughed and enjoyed it, like any other grandparent.

Love truly has no language. What I read in the eyes of that elderly couple, was far beyond words any language could explain. That evening I went home with a smile, I called my mother in law and told her that I saw an American version of her and we both laughed warmly. In that short trip of a couple of hours I got so engaged in interacting with them, that I did not even ask their names. I wish I could tell them that I think of them with a smile and they reminded me of my parents.

कधी तरी सहज नात्यांची आपुलकी उब देऊन जाते…
कधी तरी सहज अनोळखी डोळ्यात आपलंस प्रेम दिसून जातं….!
कधी तरी सहज जुन्या घराच्या जुन्या दारात त्या प्रेमाचा भास होतो…
कधी तरी सहज नवीन मिश्किल हास्यात पण ते प्रेम डोकाऊन जातं..!

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