Sweet Potatoes Halwa

As Navratri began yesterday, most of us observe fast for all nine days. We offer our devotion, love respect and prayers to Goddess Durga! Fasting for nine days can be very challenging. So I am sharing my recipe of Sweet Potatoes Halwa which can also be offered as Prasad to the Goddess and is very heathy as well as tasty to be consumed as food during fast.

Food for fasting in sometimes monotonous and boring. So here’s a simple, healthy and delicious recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth. With or without upwas…. This recipe is sure to steal your heart!

Sweet Potatoes: 500gms
Milk: 1 cup
Khoya: 150 gms
Ghee: 3 tablespoons
Sugar: 120 gms
Cashew: handful
Pista and grated Coconut: for garnish
Nutmeg: one teaspoon grated


Peal and grate Sweet Potatoes

Add ghee to pan

Add grated sweet potatoes to the pan

Stir it for 10 mins on medium low flame.

Add milk

Stir on medium low flame

Add crushed cashews

Add khoya

After khoya is mixed properly, add sugar and mix properly.

When sugar is dissolved and remove the pan from the flame and add nutmeg powder.

Garnish with pistachios and grated Coconut.

Click on the link below for better understand of the recipe with the help of a video.


I hope you enjoy this relish and it gives your palate a burst of flavors.

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