Happy Women’s day to all the lovely ladies! I feel the celebration of women’s day should be beyond parties and marathons. It is a day to remember and acknowledge the Super Woman, whose thankless efforts lead to the liberal life we are leading. But still there is long way to go! So before you rush to your busy schedules of day to day life, pause for a moment and acknowledge the Sheroes, of our lives! They everyday try their best to achieve balance between their dreams, aspirations and their responsibilities. In today’s scenario where our society is progressively moving towards equal rights to women in all respect, however, sharing responsibilities and workload is still not optimal. Stereo typing is something that knowingly or unknowingly we have to fight everyday. Many of us are most of the times unaware of the stereo typing and don’t even raise any objection against it. Even now, undertaking responsibility is assumed to be taken single handed by her. Howbeit, the devotion with which she undertakes these responsibilities, needs to rewarded and appreciated.

Today, on the day of International Woman’s day I would take pride to publish my blog on some of the Super Women, the Sheroes of my life. Generally, we talk about those women who have achieved great awe and respect due to their selfless work in the upliftment of the under privileged class of the society, or spread awareness for women’s rights. However, not all of us are able to achieve something extraordinary in life. Sometimes, even if we wish we are not able to work towards the betterment of the society. Although, it is believed that by large, women are blessed with compassion, kindness, perseverance, dedication, endurance and persistence. But in spite of that most of the time as a woman, we underestimate ourselves. We undertake so many responsibilities successfully at the same time, we are great at multitasking, managerial skills and leadership skills but still it is acknowledged only if we receive good monetary gains out of it. It is important that she receives cognizance from her family and society for the continuous and selfless efforts to comply her so called “duties” for her near and dear ones. There are many inspirational stories all around us. Therefore, I am bringing som extraordinary stories of ordinary women which will make us realize a woman’s worth, to inspire us to respect them as any other male counter parts.

My first story talks about a free spirited girl, Swarangi, whom I met last year. This charming lady not just has a pleasing persona but also dedication and perseverance to achieve phenomenal heights in her respective career. A couple of years back she was very well placed in Mumbai as Social Media Strategist. Moreover, she owned a business of make up and beauty services and was also featured in Femina magazine for the appreciation of her talent. The girl fearlessly gave away all the goodwill she earned in India and came to Germany’s small town to stay with her husband. Here she started her career from scratch. She perused a course, of eye lash extension, which was absolutely new to her, moreover, she also learned and became proficient in German language in short period of time as most her clients are locals. Soon after she shifted to Munich and started working on this new skill she mastered. Her hardwork and determination made her client’s hot favorite. Many of us go through this phases atleast once in lifetime, where either immediately after marriage or later, they have to leave their well-settled career and start something absolutely new. In such a situation, there might be many reasons to give up on our passion, but only one to continue. It is the drive to accomplish your dream. Perseverance is a trait present in all women and instead of succumbing to the situation, we should try overcoming our inner inhibitions and strive hard towards our aim. Swarangi inspires me, not to give up in an unknown land and make a mark where-ever you go!

Another story of a girl with never say die attitude is my friend Dipti, who made a 360 degree change in her profession. She worked in sales and marketing and decided to quit her well paying but unexciting and boring job for a struggle in Media. She tried her hand in many things, like assistant directer for TV shows, acting in Marathi serials and so on, until finally when she got a chance to work as costume stylist under the Master himself, Mr. SL Bansali. Without any professional training initial few days were like a litmus test. The make or brake situation was such that she almost decided to quit. However, with a little help and encouragement from her seniors and colleagues, she not just survived but also mastered the skill too. Dipti worked as costume stylist for Ram-Leela, Bajirao-Mastani and Padmavat. After working with the perfectionist, Mr. Bansali, Dipti was now a pro in this skill. Making her name dazzle on big screen she’s now working under the star stylist, Manish Malhotra. Dipti’s success story inspires me that it is OK to quit and follow your dream. We seldom have courage to quit our comfort zone and follow our dreams. She did it and so can each one of us!

मुस्कान से हैं यारी मेरी,  दर्द भी हैं साथ निभता… 

सभी को प्यार देती हूं मै, लेकिन सन्मान से हैं आंख मिचोली का नाता…. 

राजकुमार का इंतजार नही मुझे, हर मुश्किल से आता हैं खुद ही जितना… 

हमदर्दी का अब शौक नही…. अपनी कहानी का HERO मुझे ही हैं बनना!

My next story is of a person who’s like an elder sister for me. Filled with love, compassion and care for everyone, Manu Tai (elder sister in Marathi) is very close to my heart. By profession she is Doctor. Life had not been very kind to her. She conceived thrice, but due to her consistent high blood pressure, the pregnancy got terminated in last trimester. Being a doctor herself she was aware of her high risk pregnancy and also threat to her life. However, the drive give birth to a new life mostly makes woman forget all their pains. It is a beautiful and divine feeling but comes with a pains no man can ever imagine. And she faced this more than once but did not get anything in return. Later the couple adopted an infant and showered all their love to that baby. Manu Tai wasn’t broken with this disaster, she is now running a Garbh Sanskar Program and helping many women nurture their baby in the womb with the help of ancient science of Ayurveda. Manu Tai is truly a Hero for me. She inspires me that motherhood lies in every woman and she does not need to give birth to another life for it. Her compassion and love is for every woman who comes to her and she nurtures them there, selflessly and altruistically.

My blog cannot end if I do not write a story about a mother. I feel the ability to give birth can take a woman near spirituality. Most woman feel motherhood completes them. But being mother is and never was easy. My next story is about my friend who is a determined mother who just knew one thing that “giving up is not an option”. Sadhana faced miscarriage five times in her first trimester. Due to societal pressure the couple again thought of conception. She was kept under medical supervision through out her pregnancy and finally she delivered a baby successfully two months prior to her due date. But unfortunately that was not the end of her tough time, it was rather beginning. The infant born had chronic issues with respiratory and nervous system. She is a special child who needed special care and attention. But this Super Mom’s devotion and persistence is commendable! Whenever I meet her not once I feel that she is upset with life or destiny. In fact, her spirits makes me wonder that in such a situation too how can anyone be so content, joyful and grateful? She not just enjoys her motherhood without complaining but also takes care of her child with utmost devotion. I am filled with awe whenever I see her. She inspires and teaches me devotion, persistence, gratification and unconditional love!

My Blog does not talk about extra-ordinary woman who spend their life in philanthropic deeds for under privileged class of the society, nonetheless, they are stories of courage, love, determination and devotion. They set an example for all of us and invoke us to strive for a better tomorrow and not to surrender to our problems. This Blog is a salute to all the SHeroes, present in every home and reminder to acknowledge them who is trying their best to make their family’s life better. She touches everyone’s life with her love, she inspires us to be better beings. She never fails to try and tries again, howbeit do we fail to acknowledge?

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