Choco Frappe Sinister

Creamy frozen Dessert for me symbolizes love and absolute indulgence. With the sweet and bitter flavors of Coffee and Chocolate this recipe is sure to steal your heart. The sight itself will make people forget their dieting ideas, and taste is such that no one can be content soon. This is a four layered dessert and very easy to make it. Show some love to beloved or amaze your guest with this show stopper Sweet Dish.

Serves 4 to 6

Preparation time 45 mins; Setting (cooling time) 2 hours


Whipping Cream: 200 ml

Vanilla Extract: 1/2 tsp

Instant Coffee Powder: 6 tsp

Gelatin Sheets: 2

Powdered Sugar: 50 gms

Plain biscuits (like Marie) one small pack or as required

For chocolate ganache:

Dark chocolate compound: about 70-80 GM’s

Butter: 1tbsp

Fresh cream: 2 tbsp


Make coffee decoction from 2 tbsp coffee powder and one tsp sugar, mixed with 1/4 cup of warm water. Now soak biscuits in it for few seconds and place them in shot glasses or small glass bowls. Make 2 layers of biscuits and keep it aside.

Layer one

Take whipping cream in a large bowl and add Vanilla extract and about 50 gms of powdered sugar. Whip it with hand blender. Till you see soft peaks coming. Now divide the cream into two equal portions. Keep one portion aside in refrigerator so that peaks remain stiff. There is no need to add gelatin in this layer because the cream is whipped. And it will stay as it is!

Now take the other portion of whipped cream and add coffee decoction made from 2 tbsp coffee powder. Fold it gently. However due to adding of decoction the cream will no longer hold peaks. Therefore we would now soak gelatin sheets in hot water and stir it continuously till it is dissolved. Add this hot water to coffee cream and pour it on top of the whipped cream layer.  Keep it in refrigerator for one hour.

Chop dark chocolate into small pieces. On a double boiler place dark chocolate and butter. As the butter starts melting add fresh cream to it and stir continuously. After one hour take out bowls from refrigerator and pour chocolate ganache on it and let it set for another half an hour or so. Garnish it dry fruits of white chocolate chips.

Chocolate Ganache
All the Layers
Ready to serve!!

Serve this dessert cold and get loads of accolades and applause. This irresistible relish is ready to all set to tickle your taste buds

4 thoughts on “Choco Frappe Sinister

    1. Hello. Thank you for showing interest in my recipe. There are two options if you want to avoid gelatin, either use Agar Agar powder or whip cream into stiff peaks and add coffee decoction with very little water and whip it well. It will change colour and that time fold into vanilla flavored whipped cream. Just like the frosting is done for cakes. However end product and texture would differ but not the taste!
      I hope this will help!


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