A Heart filled with Awe

Relationship for me are those which are not bound by time, distance or compulsion. A pure relationship is one which gives you serenity and happiness. The best and the most beautiful relations are those which are effortless and involuntarily developed. In this blog I am sharing my one such relationship with you.

As I mentioned in my previous blogs that I have spend my childhood in a small town of Jabalpur, in Madhya Pradesh. I completed my schooling from the renowned school of Jabalpur, the Christ Church Girls’ Senior Secondary School. The School has of 150 year old legacy. During those days School had gained great goodwill and was considered as the best school not just in Jabalpur but nearby towns too. This success was under the leadership of our Respected Principal Mrs. Wendy Nair. She is a true inspiration to not just all the students of the school but everyone who must have known her. She almost gave her entire life to the welfare of her students and to the school. She is a woman of Principles and did not compromise on high standards, discipline, rules and regulations of school. At the same time she personally encouraged students to perform better. She was always there to guide us and also make us realize our mistakes. She motivated us to remain focused towards our goals. I learnt pure dedication towards our profession from her. A priceless 40 years of tenacity is what she gave to the school. Out of which she was the School Principal for 28 years. It must be an incredible selfless journey, which I can’t even imagine.

Years later, thanks to social media, we became friends on a networking site. In spite of being so called friends I never attempted to initiate any kind of chat or conversation for years. When I shifted here in Munich, the urge to get revive contact with some of my fond friends who were now merely a contact in my phonebook or friend’s list started surfacing my mind. I seldom thought of getting in touch with my School Principal as well. But at heart I was still a timid school girl who was apprehensive about approaching her. Once I was casually talking to Sayalee, a very dear friend of mine, and I spoke about my hesitation. She said, “once a thought comes in the mind, act on it immediately, don’t try to anticipate consequences so much that you regret not acting on it later.” I seconded her thought and after asking suitable time, I did not waste any further time and called her. We spoke for quite long discussing our respective lives. I was very keen on knowing how did she detach herself from the school which was not just a job for her, on which she very fondly said, “I gave all my time to my family which earlier I was unable to give” and suddenly I realised that she was never on leave. Everyday, without fail I saw her in the morning Assembly. I was never a bright student in school time, so I was very trepidatious approaching her. Howbeit, I’m so glad I got rid of my inertia and spoke to her. After years when I connected with her it was a different relationship that we both experienced. I perceived her going through similar challenges that my mother in law and my mother are facing. Some virtues are so universal in nature, and hence I could empathize and connect with her as if we were never out of touch. I shared my anxiety about settling abroad with her and like any parental figure would do, she too made me acknowledge my inner strength and determination to withstand and excel in unfavorable circumstances. Her warm words and divine blessings moved me within! Just one thought came to my mind that I would not waste so much time henceforth if some thought knocks my door next time. If after reading this if you too feel like picking up the phone and calling someone you haven’t connected since ages, I’ll feel, I won!

ऋणानुबंध नात्यांचे विसरता येत नाहीत…
कितीही प्रयत्न केले तरी नात्यांचा ओलावा जात नाही…
आभार माझे नेहमी कमीच पडतील…
कारण असे देव माणूस शोधूनही सापडत नाहीत…

2 thoughts on “A Heart filled with Awe

  1. She is someone without whom our lives would have been only filled with studies, without inspiration. She is the owner and giver of independence, motivation, morality, ethics and encouragement to each of us… Beautifully written Meenal…

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