In Search of a Solution

On hearing the news today, I was numb. The first question that came to my mind was “Is this news REAL/TRUE?” and immediately the next question that came to my mind was “WHY?” Extremely shocking and incredible news it was! My mind was unable to stop thinking about Super Charming Sushant Singh Rajput. What was the kind of pain that he must have undergone that must have pushed him to take this devastating step, was beyond our knowledge? Like me, there must be his innumerable fans who might be mourning over his sudden demise. However, as fans, we hardly know him personally but we are so deeply affected so we cannot even think how disheartening news it is for his family, who right now must be feeling why couldn’t we help him through this time. We cannot imagine the pain this family and close friends must be going through. There must be infinite questions unanswered in front of them. and when these wounds are fresh, the media, who lacks empathy, is all equipped to sprinkle salt and pepper speculating his death inhumanly.

Depression, a mental or emotional illness which is not as visible as the physical ailments, and therefore becomes difficult to be found and cured. It mostly occurs as a result of a series of event. We can also identify symptoms of depression. When same situations keep haunting a person for long duration or months, when he/she loses appetite, loses weight or gains weight drastically, insomnia, lack of interest in doing any activity and gradually isolating oneself socially are the red alert for depression, and that person needs cynical attention. People often mistake sadness with depression. But sadness is a mental state and depression is a cynical disease.

I had a friend in Pune, I met her daily 5-10 mins during morning walks. But when I shifted to Munich, I never contacted her. After 2 months I got the news that she committed suicide. I was deeply shaken and devastated by this news. I could not sleep for many days and just couldn’t stop thinking about her. I had no answer to my question, “what went wrong?” What forced a level headed strong-minded person to take a step like this? She was a mother of a 6-year-old son, and if she could not bear the pain to live for him, then we all were clueless of the catastrophic turmoil within her. As a friend, I felt I failed miserably. I felt so helpless that I or some other friend could have extended a hand to help and an ear to listen. why couldn’t I reach her, when she needed me the most? However, my other friends who met her often said, they tried a lot to keep connected to her but she had isolated herself. The biggest issue is that such people pretend to be happy when in reality, they are suffering miserably. Depression is still a taboo in our society where victims and even their family try hiding their problem with the rest of the world. Whereas in such a situation we need a sense of belonging, love and compassion. Many a time when a person speaks about his emotional issue people tend to take it lightly or casually. It is also disregarded or demeaned sometimes. This is the very fear in the mind of the person dealing with depression. Will his sob story be heard with empathy or not? We humans always seek acceptance from others. If the victim finds courage and speaks up, the thought that comes to his/her mind is, will sorrows be accepted or laughed at? It is empirical that we always are open to listening to our family and family or even acquaintances without being judgmental. Sometimes, one just needs to be heard, many it is more important to listen rather than providing solutions. The depressed person needs empathy, not sympathy, pity or your judgment, thus, refrain yourself from jumping to conclusions about their hardships.

Some people expressed that he was doing so well for himself, he was good looking, charming, successful then what went wrong? However, these are superficial, after all, money cannot buy happiness! I also read a few posts of disheartened fans who felt that the industry is responsible for his state of mind. But honestly, I do not feel so. Indeed, the kind of pressures they undergo we are unaware, but depression is such a psychological illness that does not see the profession of its victim.I am not supporting this devastating step, but people easily label these victims as cowards! However, it is not easy to kill yourself. It is our basic instinct to protect ourselves. Even infants are careful about their safety. Hence, if someone is compelled to take such a step, we have no idea about the pain he is undergoing. It is crucial that during such times we show love and care and respect for their emotions. Sushant Singh was a known celebrity, therefore this issue came into light, but there are countless people who are still dealing with depression and also killed themselves.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel! Depression can be cured completely. We can combat this deadly disease with some cynical attention, love, care and respect. Ironically, his recent film, Chichore, also spoke about dealing this issue but the reality was far away from the fiction and the lesson that it tried to teach could not reach the protagonist itself. I hope and pray for the family and friends of Sushant Singh Rajput and many other such victims of this deadly and inconspicuous disease to give them the strength to deal with such loss. 

Sushant was not just a heartthrob and but was also known for his acting excellence. Who wouldn’t fall for his charm on screen, who wouldn’t lose her heart for the mischievous smile and sparkling eyes? By sheer hard work, determination and dedication he had reached the heights in the industry. It must be his perseverance to withstand all the hardship and come out glorious and shining. And it was just be beginning of this shining star. It was certainly, “too soon to go!” I hope that he is resting in peace now! Howbeit, at the same time I also pray, that people speak up so that their emotional wounds can be healed.

Today, I pledge, “I would be always ready to lend my ears for listening to anyone’s problems and issues without being presumptuous” I plead everyone who is reading this article not to suffer alone! We are always with you!

4 thoughts on “In Search of a Solution

  1. May God bless his soul, and give strength to his loved ones.

    Meenal, the tone of your article is so respectful, I really admire that. God bless you.

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  2. True to words, I really felt that he was a versatile actor, who gathered huge fan following. Movies can come and go, but the act done by the artist last lot longer. He will be remembered with all of his beautiful acts played by him in movies.

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