Partnach Gorge – A Mountain Stream Through The Caves

I had heard a lot about Partnachklamm (in German) or Partnach Gorge from my friends, so I was very eager to visit this place. As a sunny weekend was approaching I planned this trip to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Since, I stay in Munich and took a Bayern train from Munich Central station to Garmich-Partenkirchen. It took almost one and a half hour to reach. You can also reach here by your private vehicle in about one and half hour through A95 highway. From the main station Partnachklamm is about 4 km away. I took a bus and reached to a nearby point, from where I walked for about 2-2.5 km to my final destination. As I started walking I could see a beautiful stream of crystal clear mountain water. This stream is known as the Partnach. The picturesque view, the sound of the flowing water made my walkway very pleasing and truly enjoyable.

Partnach originates from the glaciers of Schneeerner on the Zugspitzplatt in Bavaria, Germany. Zugspitz is the highest mountain peak of Germany. This stream with its water force eroded and carved rock mountain for millions of years and created this narrow Gorge. The icy cold stream with it’s noisy water passes through the gorge, a natural cave of about 700m and creates an incredible view. The gorge was declared as Natural Monument in 1912.

Once you enter this Gorge, you are enthralled by the noisy and fierce stream. It crystalline yet frosted water seems so divine and pure that you are completely captivated to it. The icy water dripping from the huge walls of the Gorge will enchant and engross you in this natural wonder. The in-numerous small streams and waterfalls creates a breath taking sight. We went on a sunny day so the chilled water sprinkles felt very refreshing, but otherwise you need to carry a jacket to protect from the breeze and chilled water splash.

These gigantic walls and cave kind of structure will keep you spellbound from the first step to the last sight in your vicinity. When I crossed the water cave, the stream is approachable and water lovers can sit on the bank of this stream and relax for a while in the chilled water. Like me, there were several people who sat and enjoyed the water flow. Since the mountain stream comes from the melted water of the glaciers, it is freezing cold. The fresh, pure and transparent water was very welcoming, so I stepped in it, but its iciness did not let me stay for long in spite of the blazing hot weather.

Due to the situation created by pandemic, sightseeing is not as always. However, I am glad that I could at least plan and execute short trips like these. Likewise, there are some restrictions here as well. Firstly, in the que for ticket and in the gorge, mask and social distance is compulsory. Secondly, the path through the gorge is now one way only. One cannot come back through the same path. Considering, I could not go back through the same route I had to opt a trek to go back.

Trek To The Starting Point

After relaxing for a while on the banks of the river, I followed a few sign boards and started my trek. This was my second trek in Germany and honestly, it is not very easy especially as I was not prepared for it. The mountain trails are steep and are amidst the dense woods on both the sides, leaving lesser room for sunlight. As the river is near, and waterfalls are found all around, the mountain trails are perpetually moist, therefore it was slippery in some places. In the hot blazing sun, hiking through the woods was a cooling experience. It was also a delight to see small waterfalls, picturesque rocks and lash green forest while hiking. As I am not a pro in trekking, it took around two and a half hours for me to complete and reach the starting point.

Olympic Ski Stadium

As I successfully accomplished the trek, On our way back to the railway station I stopped for a while to catch a sight of Olympic Ski Stadium, Garmisch-Partenkirchen. This a spectacular staduim knowm for Ski Jumping in winter especially during New Year’s. In 1936, Olympic Games were first held here, since then it became popular amongst national and international tourists. This colossal structure was renovated in 2007 with an inrun tower of length of 100 meters. I was left absolutely spell bound by the sight of this gigantic architecture During winters this is covered by snow, apt for ski jumping.

After spending a long, tiring but a fulfilling day at Garmisch-Partenkirchen, I had now boarded our train back to Munich. The day trip rejuvenated and geared me up again for the daily challenges of life. Hope you too enjoyed my virtual tour in Garmisch-Partenkirchen as much as I enjoyed narrating it to you. Although there is much more to this beautiful traditional town, but unfortunately I was running out of time. But if you plan to visit you can also opt to stay over night and visit some more attractions nearby. I will certainly come again to explore this town closely, and will definitely take you along then. Till then stay happy and safe!

Take a virtual experience of Partnachklamm through this video

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