Bi-Coloured Babka

When I posted the recipe of Babka for the first time, I was glad to received a very warm response. Babka is such a beautiful relish that makes you go awestruck for it! Sight, smell, taste, and touch, it captures all your senses and very easily takes over your heart. Achieving a perfect babka is not difficult, but certainly, it is the result of pure love and perseverance. You certainly must have heard the saying, “सब्र का फल मीठा होता है” Babka is a perfect and literal example of it. You are soon going to realize it when your house will be filled with the fragrance of this beautiful confectionery

This is a distinct recipe. The element of chocolate plays a very important role here. If you have read my previous recipe on Babka, This procedure and measurement recipe is a little different from it.

Serves 5-6 persons
Preparation time: 45 mins
Fermentation time: 2 hours
Baking time: 30-40 mins


Chocolate Dough

  1. All Purpose Flour: 1 Cup
  2. Cocoa Powder: 1/2 Cup
  3. Fine Granulated Sugar (Powdered): 1/2 Cup
  4. Butter: 1/4th Cup
  5. Yeast: One and a half tsp (click on the ingredient to buy (if you reside in India))
  6. Warm Water: As required
  7. Salt: 1/4th tsp

Vanilla Dough

  1. All-Purpose Flour: One and Half Cup
  2. Fine Granulated Sugar: 1/4th Cup
  3. Vanilla Extract: 1 tsp
  4. Butter: 1/4th Cup
  5. Yeast: One and a half tsp
  6. Milk: As required
  7. Salt: 1/4th tsp


  1. Bitter Sweet Chocolate: 100g
  2. Cream Cheese: 3/4 Cup
  3. Fine/Powdered Sugar: 1/4 Cup

Simple Sugar Syrup

  1. Sugar: 1/2 Cup
  2. Water: 1/4th (half of sugar)
  3. Vanilla essence: half tsp


Yeast Activation

The first and most important step is activating the yeast. If the yeast is not activated properly entire recipe might fall flat. In a small bowl, add yeast, one teaspoon sugar, and lukewarm water. Mix well and let it rest for 15 mins. After 10-15 mins if it does not rise, it means the yeast is old/stale.

Vanilla Dough

In a large mixing bowl add All-Purpose Flour, sugar, butter (melted), Vanilla essence, and activated yeast. Mix them well with a spatula, then add little milk, as required and make a very soft dough. if you are wondering dough is very soft and sticky, you are on the right track. Keep kneading it for 10-12 mins with little butter on your palms so it will be easier to manage. Once you see the dough is smooth, less sticky and more elastic, (to check elasticity, try pulling the dough, if it breaks very easily, there is still long way to go!) you will know your dough is ready! Now keep it aside for proofing for about 2 hours.

Chocolate Dough:

In another large mixing bowl add All-Purpose Flour, cocoa powder, sugar, butter (melted), and activated yeast. Mix them well with a spatula, then add little milk, as required, and make a very soft dough. Follow the same procedure for kneading. Once the dough is ready cover it and keep it aside for proofing for about two hours or till it is double of its size. If you stay in a warm region, you might need lesser time for proofing.


  • Finely chop chocolate and melt it on a double boiler. As the chocolate is completely melted, remove from the flame and keep it aside.
  • In a mixing bowl, add cream cheese, sugar and Vanilla extract and blend them together.
  • To this mixture add the melted chocolate and blend it again.

You can also use Nutella and any other chocolate spread available in the market instead of this filling

Creating the beautiful Braids:

With these proportion I made two large babka braids.

  1. Firstly take the Chocolate dough and roll a huge rectangular roti, then generously spread the filling on it.
  2. Next, roll the vanilla dough into similar large roti and spread the filling.
  3. Place the chocolate dough roti on the later and roll it. Keep rolling it to even it out. This will make it smooth and even and release any pockets or gaps between the dough.
  4. Slit it from the center vertically, so that all the layers are visible.
  5. You can either cut these and make four braids or create other two using same process.

Follow the steps shown in the image above and make the braids. Keep these nicely made braids aside for proofing, at least for 20-25 mins prior to baking. You can try making the reverse roll too, i.e. the Chocolate dough on the outer side.

Baking the Babka

Once the last proofing is done the braids are ready to be baked. Before baking, give it a milk wash and then bake it for half an hour 150 degrees Celcius. Since we are baking double-layered Babka, we need to make sure that it is properly baked even from the center. You can also test whether your Babka is properly baked by inserting a knife in the center, if it comes out clean your Babka is ready.

Simple Syrup

Add all the ingredients in a pan and bring it to boil. Keep boiling for a minute or two till the consistency thickens a little bit. Keep it aside to cool. As the Babka is out of the oven, brush the simple syrup on it and let it cool for 10 mins.

As I mentioned above Babka is a result of pure love and perseverance and once it is served, it becomes a reason for excitement and happiness. The amount of time taken to create it, is definitely not proportional to the amount of time required to finish it 😉. But that is the beauty and reward of all the hard work that goes into making it. Hope you too experience and enjoy these virtues of baking a Babka.

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