Easy And Quick Chocolate Cookies

It is only recently that I started baking cookies at home!! And I felt .. how did I miss this little bite of happiness for so many years??? So I would suggest you too steal these little moments of joy and happiness and #bakeastory with #myartyard!

What do you do if you have excess buttercream frosting left with you after decorating a beautiful cupcake? As most of the time I have some leftover buttercream after frosting with me and this is how is recycle it. I have a easy, quick and delicious recipe of cookies which will be ready in minutes and becomes all time favorite of kids soon. If you have no leftover buttercream, you can learn making perfect buttercream from my previous blog post of Eggless Dark Chocolate Cupcakes.

Serves 5-6 persons
Preparation time: 10 mins
Baking time: 20-25 mins



  • Snift all purpose flour and baking powder into a large bowl
  • Add buttercream to it. I am adding chocolate buttercream you can also add vanilla buttercream or any other flavour which is left over with you. You can also add chocochips to it. If you want to make it more chocolaty.
  • Make a dough with it as shown in the image.
  • Make small portions with it. Also try that there are no cracks to it. Now refrigerate it for for two hours.

Bake it in an pre-heated oven for 15-20 mins for 180 degree celcius. As soon as they are out of oven, they are very tender. Therefore let it cool in the tray for 5-10 mins and then serve it.

These cookies have superb texture. crispy from outside and soft and chewy from inside. Moreover, they are very simple and quick to make, also, they are a perfect answer to the mid meal craving of kids as well as the child in us!

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