The Unadulterated Time!

Ambition and focused dedication towards work are somethings we were always taught as a kid. However, right from the time I was a child to the time I myself have children, life and it’s perceptions have changed in many folds. As compared to then, youngsters are much focused and aware about their career preferences and their life objectives. Infact, I feel sometimes that our generation is so focused that sometimes, some people misinterpret their career growth as their life growth and objectives. However, that shouldn’t be the case. Our work should be part of our life but somehow these days, life has become part of work! Therefore, now a days, there is a fundamental need to teach children the importance of balance between work and play. The influence of media was very limited when I was a child. Entertainment was a collective activity then, not personalised and customized as it is now. And most importantly, there use to be ample time at dinner tables and tea times because invasion and invention of mobile phones had not taken place then. Laughing or fighting with siblings or chatting with parents about school, academics or friends, everything seemed very natural. Then, we did not hear about #qualitytime, but all our time with friends and family use to be quality time! In this fast-paced and digital world, the thing which is missing is the need to give each other unadulterated time. By unadulterated, I mean, a time minus any electronic gadgets, as it not just affects our time but also captures our mind somewhere. We not just depend for our work but even for the recreation we largely depend on these electronic gadgets which is usually individual. On one hand physical space is shrinking, on other hand however, virtual space is intruding the emotional proximity. People living miles apart have come closer but people who are next to us have become inconspicuous. No doubt there are many advantages of digital development in our life. No doubt personalisation that these gadgets provide also gives freedom and customisation. No doubt, drive for success and achievements are important for growth. But always keep in mind, no celebration is complete without your loved ones!

It not just applies to our life partners but also our children. Unconsciously, we ignore our children’s conversations when we are busy with phones, tabs and laptops and later complain about communication gap. Moreover, by doing this what are we teaching our children? I know it is easy to preach and difficult to implement. But I have decided to try my best and I wish for you the same. Although life seems long, but having this regret before you die will be unpardonable. During those last moments of life you will never regret about missing a promotion in office, but not keep your loved ones high on your priority will definitely hurt you the most!

My poetry, “Woh Jagah humari” fantasies about an imaginary place where relationship, love and companionship is in the foreground and rest everything secondary, a place where “we” becomes before “me”, a place where drive to spend time with each other is more than any other attractions of the world. Do watch this poetry, share and follow my site if you wish to see more of such beautiful renditions.

तुम्हारी ओर चल रहा है मन एक सुकून की तलाश में 
एक ऐसी जगह हो कोई... 
जहाँ हो बस तुम और हम... प्यार के आसरे... 
उस जगह में न कोई 'मैं' हो! 
उस जगह में न कोई 'तुम' हो!
जहाँ तुम और मैं के दायरे ख़तम हो... बस ऐसा एक 'हम' हो!
एक ख्वाब है, एहसास है, अनजाने से कुछ मंजर है.. जो बहुत खास है... 
एक छोटा सा आशियाँ हो नीले अम्बर तले.. 
बस तुम हो हम हो और एक दूजे का साथ मिले। 
चाँद सितारों की हसरत नहीं मुझे 
मामूली सी है ख़्वाहिशें मेरी... 
सरे आकाश की नहीं चाहत मुझे,
एक टुकड़ा काफी हैं, जो झरोखों से नज़र आए हमें। 
गगन को चूमती महत्वाकांक्षाऐ न हो... 
आगे बढ़ने की कोई होड़ न हो!
बस यहीं नाज़ हो... कि सारा वक़्त तुम्हारे के साथ हो!
प्यार के उस घरोंदे में 
हर जज़्बात आए प्यार के बाद.. 
प्यार से ही हो पहचान हमारी... 
जो हो तुम्हारी मेरी एक सामान।

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