Let Your Words Fly High

Most of times we are in a dilemma to express ourselves. We are unable to show our true feelings to the one who matters a lot to us the most. What makes us uncomfortable while sharing our emotions? Is the fear of rejection? Or the fear of being judged or misunderstood? If you lose the opportunity you might end up regretting for the rest of your life. There is a possibility that our feelings may not be accepted, but at least we would not spend the rest of our life wondering about it.

Moreover when we are in a relationship, we seldom refrain ourselves for expressing our true emotions. Any relationship should have freedom of expression without any hesitation or inhabitions. The higher the amount of transparency in any relation, the longer, deeper and stronger it is! I think an ideal relationship is one which has no secrets to hide.

I recently read an article which said, today couples have to prove their love on occasions such as Valentine’s Day. Somehow I do not agree! It is true that social media sometimes exercises pressure during such occasions. But proving love, I’m not sure about that! Love need not to be proved again and again, but there is no harm in expressing it again! Infact not just to your partners but also to your near and dear ones. We seldom take our dear ones for granted, but such occasions gives us an opportunity to express our love and also gratitude towards them, for standing by us in thick and thin!

So, don’t express your love for the sake of the soceity, don’t express your love to prove anything, don’t express your love just as a part of duty or ritual.

Express your true emotions for that special someone! Express the importance of their existence in your life! Express how their absence affects you and their presence nourishes you! Because, expression of love is that revitalizes relationships!

My new creation talks about expressing oneself fearlessly! If you heart is clear…. Let your words flow freely!! This Valentines Day don’t shy away from your feeling! Express you love to your loved one! Watch my poetry with you Valentine and spread the message of LOVE!

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