A tale of Dad’s love

Father and daughter share a special bond, which is very unique as adorable. Unlike most mothers, Dad usually do not barge in your space. Insted, just advise so that you sail the sea of difficulty yourself and become more independent. My father was no different. He did not take any decision for me, but just guided me. Sometimes, we are hesitant talking to our parents about the issues we face. But what if without your explaining the situation someone would understand and give a friendly advice, without much confrontation or probing. Give us the liberty to decide what, when and to whom do we want to share our feelings. Sometimes parent out of their concern forget to make us feel comfortable, and their intruding love & concern becomes a reason for a secretive adolescent. My tale of liberal and affectionate Dad would certainly touch your heart. Please do watch and enjoy my heart touching story and share your feedback. I will be eagerly awaiting.

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