“Jack of all and master of few”

I look for creativity in everything I see, make, or rather create!

I was a Media Practitioner in my early years, then fate took me to lectureship and now I am a full time Blogger. I loved whatever I pursued till now. I am a heart driven person, zealous and impulsive by nature, I believe in living in the moment.

I love writing, travelling, photography, gardening, reading, music, meeting new people and old friends. I am passionate about cooking, creating quilling jewellery and writing. I feel, I find myself when I write poetry. Art is a great medium to connect to oneself. It helps us to find happiness within. The happiness which is not dependent on anyone or anything else. I wish you all the best that you too find your true happiness like I found in my art form.

My blog talk about simple human virtues and nurturing relationships that each one of us experiences everyday. I also write mouth watering recipes which are simple yet innovative. I really hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Reader’s Testimonials

Vaishnavi Vaidya
freelance Journalist, Mumbai

“I was never a cooking friendly person, but these blogs brings out the creative human inside me. I also like the flow of words which grasps my attention. Reading your blogs is one of heartfelt hobby and I thoroughly enjoy reading myartyard blogs.”

Tanushree Varshney, Delhi

“Your writings are very relatable and thoughtful. I find your blog post very touching and inspiring.”

Anisha Reddy, A young reader from Pune.

“I enjoy reading your blog, although I haven’t experienced many of these things still I rejoice the moments of your victory and I really feel you then”

Manjusha Mone, Delhi

“Your articles are mainly based on human values and relations. They are so beautifully depicted, touching reader’s heart gently like a feather, spreading happiness around”

Kaveri Sandhe, Pune

“I’m thankful to you for inspiring me towards baking. Your blog post made the recipe look very simple and do-able. Now I have the confidence to bake a cake”

Happy Reading and Discovering Yourself!

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