Hope a simple virtue of life gives us the power to aim for the impossible. Hope is a feeling of heart, where mind seldom does not reaches. As many times there is no logic behind hope. It is just there. My Poetry is talking about this emotion. Logically when there are no chances, heart clingsContinue reading “Hope”

The Unadulterated Time!

Ambition and focused dedication towards work are somethings we were always taught as a kid. However, right from the time I was a child to the time I myself have children, life and it’s perceptions have changed in many folds. As compared to then, youngsters are much focused and aware about their career preferences andContinue reading “The Unadulterated Time!”

“मैं” के माईने

When life seems meaningless self love and self worth becomes a question for us. Just like in winter leafless trees appear depressing. There are times when even the encouraging words do not help. At such a time, if we see respect, appreciation and love for us in others eyes, we start loving ourselves again. ThatContinue reading ““मैं” के माईने”

आठवणींचे हिंदोळे

This creation is about the significance of memories in our lives. Although we often say that we should not look behind, we should always look ahead, but sometimes pleasant memories help us revive and rejuvenate. Beautiful sweet memories always brings a happiness and sometimes even helps us to smile during tough times. By reliving theContinue reading “आठवणींचे हिंदोळे”

Ye Re Ye Re Pavsa – ये रे ये रे पावसा…

Monsoon hold a special place in our hearts. In this poem I am expressing my love for the monsoon and how it holds a special place in my heart. I wrote this poem when I wrote my article Dancing In The Rain. That article was like a nostalgia trip for me. It was about someContinue reading “Ye Re Ye Re Pavsa – ये रे ये रे पावसा…”

Dad’s Love – जाणवते पण दिसत नाही…

I believe, that poetry is an experience, it should not be explained or elaborated. Interpretation of a poem is always and should remain personal. For instance, even though, I wrote this poem on Dad’s love my thought behind writing it might differ from your understanding. Perception is something, very personal and not necessarily two person’sContinue reading “Dad’s Love – जाणवते पण दिसत नाही…”