A tale of Dad’s love

Father and daughter share a special bond, which is very unique as adorable. Unlike most mothers, Dad usually do not barge in your space. Insted, just advise so that you sail the sea of difficulty yourself and become more independent. My father was no different. He did not take any decision for me, but justContinue reading “A tale of Dad’s love”

Express Yourself

“There is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved.” George Sand So rightly said! Love is the greatest prized possession that one has! When one feels loved, that is the most special feeling! It cannot match any materialist happiness of the world. It is therefore imperial to express your love to yourContinue reading “Express Yourself”

Saying Goodbye to 2020

It’s been long that I wrote an article for “Ponderland“ menu, maybe because lately, I was unable to think of any topic which would inspire me to write. But I am back again to my old but indelible love. An unforgettable and one of the most difficult year we had ever seen is finally comingContinue reading “Saying Goodbye to 2020”

Home Is Where The Family Resides!

When we decide to leave our homeland and settle in a foreign land, leaving our family, friends, and comfort zone behind, and embracing a new place and the environment is never easy. What do you miss the most about our homeland? First and foremost, the loved ones of our life, the people who are closeContinue reading “Home Is Where The Family Resides!”

आठवणींचा हिंदोळा

“मला घरची आठवण येते! मला घरी जाऊद्या “. लहान मुलं शाळेत बरेच वेळा असेच रडतात. छोट्याशा अमिशानी पुन्हा लगेच हसतात. किती सोपे असते मुलांचे सुख-दुःख, निदान त्या दुःखाच निवारण करणं अपल्या हातात तरी असतं. पण मोठं झाल्यावर सगळ्या गोष्टी सोप्या नाही राहत. लहानपणीचे दिवस सगळ्यांच्या चेहऱ्यावर एक स्मित हास्य सोडून जातात. मोठेपणी मात्र सगळंच बदलतं.Continue reading “आठवणींचा हिंदोळा”

Express it through Art

Sometimes I feel the world is divided into two parts, Art and Science. Both go hand in hand and give us a way of living. Though society had always shown different outlook towards art and science. Science is logical and rationale, so the middle class is always very fond of science. Following the Science stream,Continue reading “Express it through Art”

Dancing in the Rain

The rainy season had been my favourite season since childhood. In India, the monsoon starts by June end and lasts till about September. All the trees which are dried up become lush green again, landscapes that had turned amber in colour were now dark green. As I mentioned in my earlier post, that my childhoodContinue reading “Dancing in the Rain”

In Search of a Solution

On hearing the news today, I was numb. The first question that came to my mind was “Is this news REAL/TRUE?” and immediately the next question that came to my mind was “WHY?” Extremely shocking and incredible news it was! My mind was unable to stop thinking about Super Charming Sushant Singh Rajput. What wasContinue reading “In Search of a Solution”

On the Quest of Self Discovery!

Hostel life holds a special place in everyone’s heart. It is always a mixed bag of emotions. People often say that everyone should experience staying away from family, in a shared apartment or in a Hostel, but why do they say so? What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you thinkContinue reading “On the Quest of Self Discovery!”

The Life in a House Arrest

In 2019, if anyone would have told me that next year, everyone would be in a house arrest, I would have never believed it! We are always in a positive mindset (we should be too!) and start planning and organising events which would happen months later. I know you might say, planning is essential forContinue reading “The Life in a House Arrest”