Ponder Land

We all think and wonder sometimes…
We love to dwell in past sometimes…
Sweet memories bring a smile while bitter ones still hurt!
My dreams are the one which keeps me alive and alert!

On this page, You, my readers will find some sweet and bitter human experiences, some emotional and some ambitious dreams and some thoughts or food for mind and soul. Enjoy reading and discovering yourself!

Articles on simple but thought-provoking concerns that touch everyone’s life are just a click away…. Do read and Ponder!

Express Yourself

“There is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved.” George Sand So rightly said! Love is the greatest prized possession that one has! When one feels loved, that is the most special feeling! It cannot match any materialist happiness of the world. It is therefore imperial to express your love to yourContinue reading “Express Yourself”

Saying Goodbye to 2020

It’s been long that I wrote an article for “Ponderland“ menu, maybe because lately, I was unable to think of any topic which would inspire me to write. But I am back again to my old but indelible love. An unforgettable and one of the most difficult year we had ever seen is finally comingContinue reading “Saying Goodbye to 2020”

आठवणींचा हिंदोळा

“मला घरची आठवण येते! मला घरी जाऊद्या “. लहान मुलं शाळेत बरेच वेळा असेच रडतात. छोट्याशा अमिशानी पुन्हा लगेच हसतात. किती सोपे असते मुलांचे सुख-दुःख, निदान त्या दुःखाच निवारण करणं अपल्या हातात तरी असतं. पण मोठं झाल्यावर सगळ्या गोष्टी सोप्या नाही राहत. लहानपणीचे दिवस सगळ्यांच्या चेहऱ्यावर एक स्मित हास्य सोडून जातात. मोठेपणी मात्र सगळंच बदलतं.Continue reading “आठवणींचा हिंदोळा”

Express it through Art

Sometimes I feel the world is divided into two parts, Art and Science. Both go hand in hand and give us a way of living. Though society had always shown different outlook towards art and science. Science is logical and rationale, so the middle class is always very fond of science. Following the Science stream,Continue reading “Express it through Art”

Dancing in the Rain

The rainy season had been my favourite season since childhood. In India, the monsoon starts by June end and lasts till about September. All the trees which are dried up become lush green again, landscapes that had turned amber in colour were now dark green. As I mentioned in my earlier post, that my childhoodContinue reading “Dancing in the Rain”

In Search of a Solution

On hearing the news today, I was numb. The first question that came to my mind was “Is this news REAL/TRUE?” and immediately the next question that came to my mind was “WHY?” Extremely shocking and incredible news it was! My mind was unable to stop thinking about Super Charming Sushant Singh Rajput. What wasContinue reading “In Search of a Solution”

The Perfect Mother

Motherhood ! A blessed feeling that every woman wants to experience. But once you sign up for this, there is no looking back. There is no way you can quit. This feeling that seems like blessing for every mother often turns into a thankless job. You are constantly judged by firstly, yourself, then by yourContinue reading “The Perfect Mother”

A Heart filled with Awe

Relationship for me are those which are not bound by time, distance or compulsion. A pure relationship is one which gives you serenity and happiness. The best and the most beautiful relations are those which are effortless and involuntarily developed. In this blog I am sharing my one such relationship with you. As I mentionedContinue reading “A Heart filled with Awe”

My Gudi Padwa

India is a land known for its culture and diversity. We celebrate many festivals throughout the year. Many festivals and rituals are region specific too. And Gudi padwa is one such festival. A very warm Happy New year to my readers. Gudi Padwa marks the first day of Marathi Hindu Calendar. As most of ourContinue reading “My Gudi Padwa”


Happy Women’s day to all the lovely ladies! I feel the celebration of women’s day should be beyond parties and marathons. It is a day to remember and acknowledge the Super Woman, whose thankless efforts lead to the liberal life we are leading. But still there is long way to go! So before you rushContinue reading “SHeroes”

The Language called Love!

Motherhood, a beautiful feeling that a woman is blessed with. It is said that motherly feeling is the most compassionate, caring, comforting and protective. As women, we are blessed, with a womb, the ability to give birth, and the ability to nurture. It is this divine happiness that makes a woman smile even after bearingContinue reading “The Language called Love!”

My Baba ❤️

The Father holds a special place in our heart. For everyone, their father’s are the best! Daughters have a special affinity for their fathers. I’m no exception, for me, My Dad is my Hero! My relation with Dad started much before my existence came. My Nana was a great astrologer, whatever he said had toContinue reading “My Baba ❤️”

The Art to win Hearts!

Someone very rightly said, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. However, I feel that it not just holds true for men but rather for everybody. Cooking is an incredibly special art! Because unlike most art forms this impacts maximum senses of human body viz. taste, smell, sight and feel. But IContinue reading “The Art to win Hearts!”

My Friends, My Lifeline

Imagine if we had no friends in life, just family, relatives and acquaintances. Life would have been not just boring but also miserable. In childhood, whom would you play with if there were no friends, whom would you share your secret with, who would give you a shoulder to cry, whenever you faced a failure!Continue reading “My Friends, My Lifeline”

On the Path called “Life”

Introduction and Inspiration “Jack of all and master of few!” that is me, Meenal, A budding Blogger. I love Cooking, and treating my friends, family and loved ones with innovative delicacies. Besides, cooking my hobbies include crafting, especially quilling, gardening, singing/humming Hindi songs (confined to myself), writing poems and shaiyari, visiting and exploring new places, meetingContinue reading “On the Path called “Life””

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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