Chocolate Orange Semolina Cake

My today’s recipe is of a cake that will captivate all your senses, taste, texture and it’s amazing appearance. The traditional, all time superhit combination of Chocolate and Orange combined with Semolina will give you such a burst of taste and texture that you will never forget! This is an absolute unique recipe Semolina (Rawa/Sooji)Continue reading “Chocolate Orange Semolina Cake”

Choco-Coconut Eggless Cake

Cake, is such a beautiful relish that it gives us a positive vibe even in a gloomy mood. The welcoming aroma of baking a cake lifts your senses and I’m sure the mind releases happy hormones and brightens your mood. This is my third cake recipe on my blog site. This cake is filled withContinue reading “Choco-Coconut Eggless Cake”

Eggless Semolina Chocolate Cake

CAKE – is not just a tempting dish but as soon as we verbalize this word our mouth starts watering! Cake is an enchanting dish and it mesmerizes our senses. The word itself denotes party, craving and even expression of love and friendship. It symbolizes celebration for every occasion. Although, not just restricted for celebrationContinue reading “Eggless Semolina Chocolate Cake”